The Battle Cats 10.2.0 Mod Apk (Cat Food / Unlimited XP)

The Battle Cats is a tower defense game established by PONOS Corp. for all mobile devices, including Android and iOS. It first appeared in Japan under the name “Nyanco Dizenso”. The Battle Cats was launched in November 2011 on the Japanese iOS app store called “Battle Nekos”, after supporting Android in December of that year. It is still trendy in Japan and Korea, with the English edition. An updated version of the game “The Battle Cats” was released later on September 17, 2017.

The Battle Cats Mod Apk

In this game, the player chooses a group of cats to battle enemies in a variety of available criteria. Gameplay includes sending an extensive list of cats to a 2D battlefield to protect a cannon called “Cat Base”. The cannon is a laser cannon, but it can be settled to achieve different impressions with different capabilities like frozen, slow, knockback, breaker, sacred explosion (fruitful against zombies), water explosion (fruitful against metal-made enemies: those do one hurt per injury, and even more damage Infecting cats.

The Battle Cats 9.10.0 Mod Apk (Cat Food / Unlimited XP) Download Links:

App Name The Battle Cats
File Size 116 MB
Version 10.2.0
Requirement Android 4.4+
Rating 4.4
Last Updated June 12, 2020

Download  Link:
Download Apk

How to Download & Install Apk

Note – This Mod You Will Get Almost Unlimited Cat food and XP. If You use All XP and Cat food of this Mod, then this Number Will never be restored to Original if you Use them All.

Introducing The Battle Cats:

The Battle Cats include three important stories, and each story has three chapters. In this game, cats are the main characters that the player publishes during the game. All the cats are distinctive in their features, meaning, design, and capabilities. Many cats do not look like regular cats or have roles acquired in conjunction with other sports. All the Cats can be updated to an initial level of 10 with XP. At the same time, the player can ultimately increase the limit to 20 + 80 and 50+ 80 “duplicates” for essential cats and other cats, respectively. All cats can change their shape and gain strength after upgrading to certain levels.

Cats are distributed into six types: primary, unique, rare, super, Uber super, and legend rare. This game often has programs where contestants can win cats called support units. They have an upgrade level with a maximum pay of 20 but can be enlarged with cat Capsules. After updating to level 30, the participant can upgrade the Cat to the so-called real or genuine form.

Fighting a war requires energy that slowly builds up over time. Every minute, (one) energy is retrieved. The App needs internet availability to update the power, although if the application is opened, the amount of power without internet increases. Maximum power can be taken from treasures, updates, and upgrades. You can introduce items such as “Sniper Cat” to help in battle, a device that thrusts enemies back. Some stages have special rules, such as “only rare and special cats”.

The battle is fought in a two-dimensional plane with a player on the right during an enemy base on the left side. The player earns a steady flow, which can be consumed on spreading cats or upgrading cash production. Cats need to be calm to cover, which can be reduced by promotions. Fighting ends when a base is damaged. Champion of the battle takes a chance to get a treasure. Combining all of these can improve cats’ abilities and promote other gaming mechanisms, such as reducing power refreshing time. They are having three levels of treasure as inferior, normal, and superior. The inferior wealth is the weakest, and ultimately beautiful is the highest treasure. The player has to earn all the richness and riches. Contestants can also take the help of Player Radar to get more elevated or normal treasure if the fight is over.

There is a long list of enemies with all the statistics and different genres that are added to each new update. Some kinds of enemies can benefit from others. Like all non-white enemies have additional stats than their white counterparts. Although it now appears that the enemy has an unwanted gain, triumph is still conceivable because some cats have the advantage of specific kinds of enemies. For example, a weightlifter cat is a strong enemy against black enemies, which means it does great destruction against black (even as the damage is fewer for non-black enemies).

The Battle Cats Mod Apk Features & Screenshots:

  • The Battle Cats is a funny and crazy game where you try to capture the world. Many crazy cats help in-game that help you to get more world. It is an excellent game in which rank range from regular to legendary with hundreds of cats. This is a strategy game. For example, on some levels, there are strong enemies against some units, but weak against others. It’s great to find cat capsules and rare capsules.

The Battle Cats Android mod


  • This game is a true masterpiece for its genre, while it’s cheesy at times and repetitive at some points, the attention to detail and the abundant amount of content in this game is genuinely superb. The quality of some cats and the simplicity of others mesh with each other in great success. With every update, there is more and more content to keep you occupied, from enemy types to collaborations between games; PONOS has created a right priceless piece of work.

The Battle Cats Android Apk

  • The constant updates bringing new and exciting content each time make the game worth your time. The energy capsule ensures you have a break, and progress is a lot quicker and more fun mid-game. There are only ads when you choose to watch them. It is loving the aspect of having to unlock new cats by playing levels. Also, this game never gets boring because once you finish the main story of the game, there are special stages that come at particular times.

The Battle Cats Android Apk Modded

  • So, this game is just amazing. This game never gets old. PONOS keeps pushing out content, and it keeps the game alive and fresh. All the included stages and classes are very energetic to play and give you a challenge. and they’re just so many units you can use and so many possibilities to beat stages.

The Battle Cats Android Apk Unlimited XP

  • This game has almost all types of functions, or overall features are exciting. But this game makes it easier to play, and using real money is a decision that could be worth it. Plus, some of the cats here actually look intimidating, or a bit spooky. What makes it better is that some of the cat units are a bit weird, making it funny.
  • The Battle Cats is a fun mobile game, and it doesn’t force you to spend money on it. If you have been lost your saved data before the end with the code, it is easy to recover. Other than one thing, this game is THE. BEST. The Crazed Titan unit, which has the description “ridiculous amounts of health”. Its range is fantastic.

The Battle Cats Android Apk Mods

  • This cute little game has a world in itself. It can be so much more than a tower defense game if you choose for it to be. All the characters and their designs are loving and finest. It is all worth it. It is also challenging about the challenge level. And you can be able to play when you are on a different device in your same account when you have a code. And, you can get free cat food if you watch an ad, but it will give you one cat food per vid, it seems fair.
  • Honestly, this game is an investment. YOU bright Empire of cats, you start to realize how big the game is. The so-called gacha system is very well balanced, with most stages being completable without many gacha units. It isn’t pay to win; you just need to be resourceful. The cartoony style is very cool, especially with the users. Just save up your cat food on a guaranteed draw, and you got one. The users look so cool.

What’s More In The Battle Cats Mod Apk:

  • This is a fantastic game because No ads, No VIP unlock, etc. Everything is free and incredibly addictive. Levels continue to get harder, and when you’ve between the first three chapters, brand new levels and episodes are unlocked, and it becomes so much more exciting. The graphics are ok, the gameplay is fantastic, and the story is mind-blowing.
  • This is one of the best mobile games which has great mechanics, right art style, fun gameplay, and it is not played to win, as it is very easy to get cat food. Easy to play, and the most important is no ads will come out during your play. This is great because PONOS Corporation has done a lot to make this great. This can lighten people’s moods quickly.
  • There is a challenge, but it is progressive, and you can play this game without whaling. The currency can be earnt quite quickly, the gacha rates are fair, and it is not too grinding heavy. Excellent game ever. Amazing entertaining and addicting game. If you are looking for a game to kill time or just to have fun, this is the game for that.
  • The best game ever played doesn’t have adds unless the player wants to watch adds to get rewards. Direct your all Cats with simple button controls during a battle through time and space. You do not need to be registered for this game to establish your personal Cat Army. It is the battle with all the cats. You have to just click on the desired Cat you want to fight and win for you, do fire the Cat Field Gun to explode villains getting very near to your base. Do quickly overcome the weird and horrible enemies with the right one Cat troop and trounce the enemy base.
  • This game has the best feature that you can save glorious treasures when you will control the world, give training dozens of rare and all types of Cats, and form the ultimate army. Lots of the stages across three Story Type journeys and the Legend challenges and tasks. It is perfect for Casual Play, having fun for all ages, anyone can enjoy “The Battle Cats”.

How to Download & Install a The Battle Cats Mod Apk?

How to Download and Install The Battle Cars mod Apk

Step 1 :

If You never Install a Modded Application on Your Mobile or PC, then these Steps help to Install Your desire App. First, You Need to Download This Mod apk file and Click on Apk file to Continue Installation Process.

Download Apk

Download & Install on The Battle Cats Mod Apk

Step 2:

After Click on Download file, You need to click on Install Button To start Installation Process of The Battle Cats mod.

How to Run THE Battle Cats Mod App

Step 3:

After Click on Install Option, You will see Installing Message on Your Device.

Installation of The Battle Cats Modded Apk

Step 4:

After Installation Complete, You Will See Two Message on Your Screen Just Simply click on open to run Your Application.

How to Install on The Battle Cats Mod Apk


Final verdict

Parents and guardians need to know that Battle Cats is a simple, graphic, and fun battle game for iOS and Android devices. Thus, it does not contain much suspicious material, except for some sexy cats, which include a pair of tied ups and one who wears panties, but the setting can be changed well. When cat attackers use their teeth and some weapons to defeat their enemies, there is no bleeding, hollowing, or cutting. Athletes can use real-world money to purchase a variety of attacking cats, weapons for cats’ bases, power-ups, as well as packages containing special cats, cat food, and additional experimental points.

This is honestly one of the rare gems of the mobile games community. Unlike other tower defense games, battle cats slowly explore new enemies to let you face, and all the cats have fantastic designs and animations. If you’re stuck on the boss of Chapter 3 Moon or other enemies in the first story, just grind for more XP or search up a guide on the Internet. The smart guide is always there for your help.

There is a gacha system; obtaining the currency to roll it in-game is more than feasible. The cats have great designs and the fact that the game is still updated with a regular period. The developers are very caring about competition and their users. To the new players, don’t use treasure radars on chapter stages and save your cat food, but most importantly, have fun.

This is a hilarious game. “Finally, in addition to the many (many) games of such depth and strategy, they distinguish war cats. This has very creative features. This game is a unique and unforgettable example of this genre. That’s because artists have a sense of accomplishment.” There is nothing wrong with that, but we look at each new level to see the madness in it. There are good design principles for mobile games in 3D’s.  Now current its international rating is 4.7 out of 5, which is very excellent for any set of this category—most Users Like Mod Version to Unlock Features to Enjoy this Game More.

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