Space shooter : Galaxy attack Mod Apk v1.489 (Unlimited Money)

This is an arcade game formulated by ONESOFT. As it is clear from its name that it is a game to shoot your enemies and destroy your opponent. Here you have to face a lot of enemies and devil opponent and you have to finish all of them.

Like other shooting games galxia, galaxian etc this is a totally new arcade game where you get the freedom. If you are fan of shooting games and to set your hunting focus, this is perfect game for you where you get help how to shoot and focus. Obviously this is a game not a real life but if you play this game, you could not imagine that whether it is real or imaginary.

Space shooter Mod Apk

Download Space shooter : Galaxy attack Mod Apk v1.489 (Unlimited Money)

App Name Space shooter : Galaxy attack
App Size 90 MB
Version 1.489
Requirement Android 4.1+
Rating 4.5
Last Updated Nov 10, 2020

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Download Mod Apk
In Space shooter : Galaxy attack game there is a captain and all the under troops call the captain. You can make your team here and you can start fight with your enemies which depends upon your available power and energies. Troops call the captain for help and troops follow the instructions given by the captain. Captain command the squad from the front and gives the permission to squad to start fight or retaliate. In this game you learn how to protect your territory and how to make sure the safety of your planet as well as your asteroids.

Space shooter Features :

There are many features of this arcade game, some of them I am going to mention over here.

  • The graphics are very neat and clean. You didn’t see such an awkward or absurd type of graphics. The developers have made it very attractive and beautiful.
  • Most of the features and options are used in free version. Like you can enhance or raise your level or power by using the ad options. There are not very bore ads during the game. The ads are very beneficial which can be used to boot your abilities.
  • This allows you to shoot at very large distances with clear and spot fixed positions. There is an option to choose the fighter ship which can be helpful to build up your squad. As large is your squad, it is quite helpful when  you are in danger. The every coming stage or level is challenging where you have to face new aliens.
  • This is the right platform to show your skills. If you are master in your shooting power it is very beneficial for you or if you want to improve your shoot capability, this game is for you where you get very complex missions.
  • Here you can share your records and performance with your friends’ colleagues as well. You can set your name as a leader.
  • There are also some   Stunning designs beautiful graphics and amazing lighting with special effects used in this game. All these things do not bore you anyway.
  • In this free version you also get the free gems and you can quest to your friends to share his/her gems with you. There is a lucky wheel in this game which ensures that what you will get today.

Screenshots From Space shooter : Galaxy attack

Space shooter Galaxy attack Mod Apk

Space shooter Mod Apk Unlimited Money

Space shooter Galaxy attack Mod Apk

What’s more in this Space shooter : Galaxy attack:

If you have been stuck at any level or any at stage and you are unable to find any solution, you can contact to the developers. The developers are quite kind and very helpful. Even if you want to give any suggestion regarding any feature, you can ask and guide the developers through their pages. The one more important thing is that the developers update and modify the game features with the passage of time. They modify the game on the basis of suggestion and they fix all the bugs. It is easy to play and there are guiding tools also.

Developers have introduces new features like New Merge Ship System, game balancing, new planet discovery, increase performance etc.

How to Download & Install Space shooter : Galaxy attack Mod Apk on PC:

First, you Will Need to Download Android Emulator to run any game on Your Pc. There are multiple android emulators Available in the market that is bluestacks, NoxPlayer, and more.

After installing Android Emulator on Your Desktop, You Can now download it and able to play this game on Your Pc.

Download mod Apk

Space shooter Premium Features:

Most of the features are free in the free version but some of them are usable just in premium version. Have a look on them.

  • You get extra power and options to boot your power to kill your enemies and to overcome the aliens. In this version you can enlarge the squad which offers help you during fight.
  • You get more power-up, booster and spaceships facilities in this version. Here in this version you get more life of your body than any free version.
  • This version is basically ads free version, where you can play without any hindrance and resistance. If you can’t wait and can’t see the ads, then go for the premium version.
  • In this version you get a very large map and you can’t get bored anyway. They don’t offer any push option or captcha type activity. You can play solo or join in PVP competitions. Every day there are small missions helping to earn money, gems, and other helpful items.
  • Playing in endless mode earns gems with every 1,000 enemies you destroy. Due to these little helpful details, you don’t have to spend money to enjoy the game by any means. You can buy ships or packages if you want to destroy your enemies completely and very fast.
  • One more excellent feature of this version is that if you die unluckily in any stage, the game gives you one more chance to rebuild and restart your fight from where you left.

Final Verdict

As it is clear from the features of this game that Game is smooth, concept and layout is great. Lots of fun with no forced ads and no play wall. There are ads that can be watched for rewards and plenty of opportunity to earn gems and gold through game play and special events. If you die in the game it doesn’t automatically cut you off it gives you a second chance. The good thing the game does do it gives you free gold when you go to the spin the wheel. This is an overall great and fair game. Personally I think it is good and a big chance for those people who want to improve their shooting capabilities. I have played this game and literally I didn’t get any wrong with it. It has reached its golden level of international rating where it has been crossed 4.7 ratings out of 5.

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