School Days 1.233 Mod APk (No ads & Unlock editor)

School Days is a game developed by MDickie with 2D screen display. This game reminds the very hard times of school life. The prison is closed and reopened in the form of a secondary school, but the challenge of survival and prosperity is the equal! Keep each minute of the day alive in material life-time – from leaving the bed to joining a great schedule in busy life, while exploring a city full of interactive props.Gaining knowledge from every semester aids you to give answer of factual questions belonging to different subjects, like you have to work to get the grades that works to be the graduate. But with more than 100 fellow students walking through the halls, a popular competition decides whether your day is fun or scary.

School Days Apk for android

Download School Days 1.233 Mod APk (No ads & Unlock editor)

App Name School Days
File Size 43 MB
Version 1.233
Requirement Android 4.4+
Rating 4.0
Last Updated 10 NOV 2020

Download Link:
Download Apk

How to Download & Install Apk
Note:- With This School days mod You Will Able to Enjoy Full Game with Unlock editor and Ads free.

The game is totally free to play. You can start with your creative students and teachers and the general public, as well as your creative students, to remove the ads and upgrade the school to “private” education. The students belonging to private sector also benefit from a permanent experience that at no time ends unless you are ready for it.

The game is fun and cool because everything you do in real life you can do in this game except so sometimes you lose control of your character and it starts picking fights that get you into trouble and you randomly lose health when you don’t eat or sleep but other than that this game is AWESOME please play and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

There is also a helping guide included in this game to show and direct about how to play. There are some codewords to control the actions like A is used for attack, G is used for Grapple, R is used for Run and so on. The full version of this game is just $2.99 then you can do creative things like changing your grades to +A and changing all of the characters!

Features & Screenshots of School Days Mod APk:

  • All the challenges and favors you had to do looks impossible, but all are easy. It presents that school life is just like a life of prisoner. The other thing is that when you read a book, you can also learn some stuffs. And in this game, there is a very good day routine, it’s not like the other school games where you do not even wake up in the morning. when you are very tired, and you just start to sleep.

School Days Apk Android Gameplay

  • It doesn’t just educate you, however it helps you to maintain the discipline in daily life. It is a good practice to become a good student as well as good teacher. You can practice punctuality. Live school life your way. You can be the most popular person.

School Days mod for Android

  • For the new people the good news is you can choose a name. you get a café for everything and not much bad language. there’s fighting also if someone makes injustice with you or you can call for help. There is also an option of help if you are stuck somewhere. This will help you to learn and play at the same time. In this game the included teachers are not too aggressive, they are polite as well that’s why it is more enjoyable game ever. If you want to pretend as a girl so you can choose her and if you want to pretend as a boy you can choose him. It is pretty simple when you know its setting and everything.

School Days Android Gameplay

  • Seriously this game is charming. The gameplay concept is wonderful, the art style is fantastic and overall reminds you of what school should never become. This game is great because the characters are smart. It’s not boring and it’s also good because it’s almost educational. If you be always positive, your report will also be positive.

School Days Android Gameplay

  • If you are late for school and you are walking quickly or running, there will be teachers that will tell u there is no need to come fast. But when you enter the class the same teacher will ask you why you are late, it’s’ pretty good and fun with students. There are various questions that a teacher makes with the students like in schools.

What’s More In  School Days Mod Apk:

  • There are no extra ads and all ads are beneficial for player but if you feel bad you could easily “Turn your data connection OFF!” to get rid of ads. This game is amazing. The controls are fantastic. It is very entertaining game. The nice thing about this game is that you can learn from it. Do you know how to say “where” in German? You can learn how to read books, how to behave in class and attitude etc. But luckily there aren’t any ads if you’re on airplane mode.
  • You can buy furniture from the store right next to your home. When you suddenly lose control of your player it’s because they had a mental breakdown, but it is very easy to recover this deficiency. Hugging friends, kissing boyfriends, eating sleeping and reading can bring up your mental health. You can also recover breakdown by paying some charges.
  • Because this game reminds you the old school days, where gates were used to make the students trapped in. A siren is used to change the periods. There is a big school, market, city hall, shopping mall etc. included in this game. This game is amazing! because you can get things like bag, TV, pencil etc. and bring to your house to keep them.
  • The most beautiful feature is that in this game you know to get the classes within the given time. You seek how to do study hard to get high grades. In this game you learn how to prepare for exam and how to get maximum marks after passing the test. This game is really good and you can go to different classes and you can get asked questions and you can learn things and you can have grades and you can graduate and it is just a wonderful game
  • If you are playing this game, you will forget that whether this is original or artificial life. When you are playing this game, you can’t lose your concentration even for one moment because it’s a game to have fun and enjoy. You can be a goody two-shoes or a rebel in the dust. It is your choice that how does you want to pretend yourself during game. You can use custom setting for this purpose.
  • This game is best because photos are real. In this game you can fight for your rights, you can eat, drink and you can make friends they give you your own house. It has many series-like features. It also teaches language and more subjects. Overall, this is an amazing game. So, more people can play and have fun and make a multiplayer option.
  • All the characters and features included in this game are very close to reality. The organized or happened events, all these events look like real events. Due to this features people love and enjoy more this game. It is so interesting to play. The game also looks like real life because you can ride the bike and you can eat and sleep too. And, you can buy food or anything and all the game face is look cute.

How to Download & Install a School Days Mod Apk?

Many Users do not know how to install mod application, So Here you get all Details You need to download install School Days Mod Apk.

School Days mod Apk how to install and Download

Step 1:

First, You Need to Download This App after that Click on the Download file.

Download Apk
School Days Mod apk

Step 2:

After Click on Download file, You will See two Button Simply Click on the Install button to Process install Application.

School Days Mod apk

Step 3: 

Now You see an Installation Process on Your Screen.

School Days Mod apk

Step 4: 

After Installation is Complete You Will See App Installed Message and Two Button, You need to Click On Open Button to Run modded App.

School Days Mod apk

Final Verdict

I think this game is really creative and I like it and I’m trying to be the good student as well as good teacher. You have to wait for one class if you get late from the class time. That’s why this is best game to be punctual as a student and teacher. Personally, I think it is nice one for a game with a 2D beautiful and realistic graphics. And then the trivial aspect of it also brings in more fun, learning evaluation and it will go a long way to helping everyone with no regard to age in an aspect of refueling of the memory.

Millions of the users of this game say that they play this game when they feel bore in office or anywhere. It makes you happy whenever you play this game. To follow the routine and to build the schedule you haven’t much time to sleep. This game is incredible! A school open world game. You can do anything. It is totally like GTA. You can get into anything like out of the school in a shop amazing, but no cars are available.

This game is better than adorable home because it’s a life simulator like you woke up from the bed and go to school and you could also buy some decorations like Christmas tree you’ll just pay for it then they will deliver it to your house. This is very amazing game because this game doesn’t need internet connection. So, you can play anywhere anytime. This game is absolutely amazing. The graphics are cool. The simulation and the way everything connect makes it a good game. I am a person who plays games 24 hours, and this is by far the best games I’ve played.


  • To Download School Days Mod Apk or Original file, Simply Click on Above Download Links. It All Depends Upon Your purpose.
  • The installation procedure also Share in this Article

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